First-time Crochet Project for My Baby

This was a sweater I made when I was still pregnant with my daughter Leela. I had two or three projects before this but it was the first garment project i made.

Green Sweater on Hanger

I didn’t know my baby’s gender that time so I chose a unisex color. The sweater was able to fit my baby when she was already 3-month old.

I made this project while watching a video posted in youtube by Yolanda Soto Lopez.  It is actually made up of 2 videos. Here is the first video while this is the second one.

I think it went pretty well, except for that part when i had to start making the button hole. I don’t know where i did wrong, maybe i forgot to do the next step at the right time. I just continued on though and finished the sweater without the button hole.

What i did after was to attach a loop where i can hook the buttons. I think it was nice. Maybe ill do this project again in another time, to do the right process on adding the button holes.

I did a beanie hat and booties to go with this sweater and here they are. I made them following a video tutorial from Check the video here.

When i was in highschool, i made a skirt and blouse for a barbie doll.  I think it was neat. Doing some crocheted items now, as an adult, i really didn’t expect to be doing it again and really enjoying it. Well, thanks for the internet and very good video tutorials.